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Explore with confidence with lifeline connectivity in the world’s most unchartered regions. Stay connected to your business and social networks no matter where you are with reliable global voice and data coverage.

Male skier wearing goggles using a satellite phone at the top of a mountain as part of AST's consumer and leisure services
In an increasingly digitised world, demand is growing for specialist connectivity for the consumer and leisure market.

Whether they are hikers, explorers or adventurers, seeking safety-critical communications on the move is essential.

AST specialises in providing global satellite communications services and systems, equipment, airtime and essential safety solutions specifically designed for personal use and the adventure travel industry.

Consumer & Leisure Solutions

  • Land Connectivity

    Enabling a connection to anything or anyone in any location – whether on an offshore platform, a one worker in remote location or travelling the world.

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  • Remote & Lone Workers

    Leading solutions that ensure the safety, security and connectivity to your workforce even if they operate in the world’s most remote places.

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  • Land IoT & Asset Management

    Helping clients manage their land-based assets even in the toughest and most remote locations.

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  • Bespoke Solutions

    AST helps you overcome complex challenges through custom satellite communications solutions.

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  • M2M Terminal Management

    Providing global connectivity to deployed assets supporting M2M functionality.

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Adventure travel and expeditions

Many organised adventure race events and expeditions rely on us to provide efficient satellite and radio communication systems in some of the toughest environments in the world to coordinate logistics and ensure the safety of their participants.

Whether it’s for a high-impact adrenaline race or a long-distance endurance expedition, we are experts in global safety whilst travelling and can offer you the best advice on satellite rental equipment and [prepaid airtime packages]/topup-tool) to support your endeavours.

We also support large groups and families travelling in remote areas, such as Australia, the USA and Africa with rental of satellite phones for added assurance and safety at the touch of a button. Satellite Wi-Fi hotspots such as Iridium Go! provide access to the internet for social media and other information, such as banking, maps and weather.

Data use can be managed easily with smart bandwidth management solution INTEGRA Control. INTEGRA Control will alert you when you are nearing, or have reached your pre-applied limits, therefore, improving the efficiency of communications and preserving valuable data and avoiding expensive out of allowance charges.

A man stands over a rock edge looking out at mountains and a lake in a remote location
Personal use

Satellite phone or Wi-Fi terminal rentals can often be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing expensive equipment for short term usage, or from paying high GSM roaming data charges.

Venture into uncharted territory while still being able to contact help in the event of an emergency, or simply stay in touch with family and friends with AST’s effective satellite communications systems and solutions. Satellite phones allow both inbound and outbound calls and messaging. Some devices, such as the Iridium Go!, can link to your normal smartphone and therefore provide access to data.

Additionally, a satellite phone can be used for GPS tracking as well as sending SOS messages for emergency situations.

A high standing radio tower in the middle of a forest of icy trees
Larger projects

We also work on much larger projects for personal use, applying static and portable satellite solutions to provide integrated remote satellite communications services wherever you need them.

For individuals concerned with secure communications, AST is committed to assisting you in achieving your requirements with high levels of security and confidentiality. Depending on your needs and preferences, our unique communication services include:

  • Personal and asset tracking via secured GPS and portable satellite devices
  • Fully secured private mobile networks, integrating GSM, radio and portable satellite communications devices
  • Reliable, resilient back-up communications in case of emergency requirements.

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