Maritime Bespoke Solutions

Custom solutions for complex challenges that are stopping your business moving forward.

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As experts in building solutions to unique challenges that our clients face, we're in the perfect position to help you overcome your next one.

For years we have been working hand-in-hand with our clients to overcome challenges that are more complex than standard satellite communication requirements. By using Wi-Fi, radio, IP and mobile networks as well as hybrid combinations, we can get your teams connected and communicating.

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Skills and expertise to help your industry

Whether your business is a land-based or maritime-based operation, we've created bespoke solutions to connect business assets in the toughest of terrains.

From voice to data requirements, static to mobile solutions we can tailor our already existing packages, or create an entirely new option for you. We'll work closely with your teams so we can both use our knowledge to come up with the optimum solution.

Oil and gas platform in the middle of the ocean
Trusted satellite communications service provider

Our reputation in the satellite communications services industry comes from over 30 years’ of hard work, testing and tailoring systems and services to be best-in-class. We collaborate closely with key network providers, manufacturers and our partners to deliver solutions that are future-proof.

We have delivered some of the most innovative satellite communications networks of their kind to support such diverse range of needs from a falconry hunting team in the Middle East to fully resilient comms links to support vital control and backup systems in the oil and gas industry.

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