Maritime Connectivity

AST Networks' expertise in connectivity enables us to deliver flexible solutions for mariners to stay safe and secure in the open oceans – whether that is on a commercial shipping vessel, a work boat, fishing boat or even a racing yacht.

Blue connectivity waves pulsating from a ship in the docks with a view from above
We are the go-to maritime satellite communications provider.

Our agile satellite communications services and solutions connect vessels with other ships, safety centres and shoreside teams. This ensures critical communications and crew welfare solutions are always available for the connected ship.

Whether it’s through VSAT, L-Band, high-speed connectivity or a hybrid solution, our established network ensures resilient and reliable performance.

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Leading providers of VSAT

AST Networks is a leading provider of ka-band and ku-band VSAT empowering vessels, ship owners and crew all over the world with bespoke maritime communication systems.

Our connectivity experts design and build maritime VSAT solutions as stand-alone services or as part of a fully managed and integrated onboard connectivity package including primary and secondary communications, 4G and L-Band.

Small ship on rough sea relying on satellite communications services GMDSS to stay safe
Seamless coverage, anywhere in the world

Guaranteed bandwidth provides resilient access to online applications such as internet, voice and video services as well as video surveillance with ‘always on’ redundant communication.

Regardless of location or complexity of the vessel's journey, the seamless delivery of VSAT connectivity combined with our extensive coverage allows for full availability for you and your crew whenever you need it.

Ship engineer in the engine control room managing assets on his portable device
Digitalise your operations

With digitalisation of the maritime sector driving demand for satellite communications services that improve operational efficiency, VSAT technology solutions are being used more frequently. The uninterrupted, unlimited 'always on' nature of the service provides a cost-effective for solution for vessels of all sizes.

Maritime VSAT from AST Networks offers a fully managed service via satellite for onboard communications, internet, data and telephony - delivering comprehensive connectivity for your ship or fleet.

Man on bridge of ship using phone getting support through satellite communications services
Truly managed service

AST Networks ensure you have access to tailored reliable connectivity, allowing you to focus on operations. Our experts design and build marine communication systems and solutions that suits your unique needs.

Combined with true 24/7 customer support we are the partner you can rely on.


  • Seamless interoperability

  • Scalable and future-proof

  • Fully managed service

  • 24/7/365 support

  • Boundless connectivity

Maritime L-Band services

AST Networks provides global connectivity via maritime L-band airtime services, ensuring vessels of all sizes have a connection wherever they sail.

As a primary connectivity method, L-Band gives mariners and seafarers the ability to connect to the internet and use critical and operational communications with other vessels or shoreside staff.

We design bespoke end-to-end solutions for onboard connectivity – L-Band is common as a primary connection or as a maritime VSAT back-up allowing vessels stay in touch 24/7.

Graphic of orange globe wireframe over the ocean at sundown with a ship in the water
Iridium Certus®

Iridium Certus® offered by AST Networks , delivers a proven and reliable truly global service, combined with the highest L-band speeds – offering a selection of superior connectivity regardless of location, terrain, or weather.

Offering a choice of speed classes, ranging from 22Kbps up to 704 Kbps, optimised for speed and bandwidth, enabling high-quality voice calls, video streaming, full internet access, and file, photo, and video transfers.

When combined with AST’s award-winning value-added services you receive the best solutions for critical, primary, and backup communications. Our VSAT companion, with cutting edge broadband IP data management and asset tracking, can be used wherever you need it.

Maritime fleet of ships around offshore platform connected by satellite communications services
Inmarsat FleetBroadband

Inmarsat's FleetBroadband service connects more than 45,000 vessels across the globe – providing reliable simultaneous access to voice and data with 99.9% network availability. FleetBroadband from AST enables connectivity for vessels of any size with multiple hardware options and packages to suit the demands of the vessel whether that be primary communications, crew connectivity, weather reporting and vessel management.

AST Networks & OneWeb connectivity services

OneWeb is building an unparalleled end-to-end satellite system that will supply high-speed data speeds to every part of the world.

AST Networks and OneWeb believe that connectivity at sea should be as seamless and simple as it is onshore. OneWeb and their satellite network, when aligned with AST Networks' INTEGRA suite of services, will enable faster and better communications for the maritime industry.

Graphic highlighting maritime satellite connectivity showing a ship in the ocean with a wedge of blue beams helping it forward
Shaping the future of connectivity

By working together, AST Networks and OneWeb deliver fast and flexible connectivity solutions. We understand that providing reliable high-performance connectivity is one of the keys to safe and successful operations in land environments, and the importance to supply faster network connections.

With global coverage coming in Q3 in 2023, users will be able to access seamless connectivity in even the most remote locations across the globe.

Connecting the marine industry

Digital tools that enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety are becoming more and more advantageous.

Larger amounts of data are produced by these instruments to enhance operations and procedures. AST Networks can support remote businesses by providing high-performance and consistent capability, helping them to enjoy greater operational resilience and maximise production at lower costs, in extraordinarily complex remote locations

'Try before you buy' OneWeb Maritime Service

Low-Latency, high-speed and FREE connectivity.

Try Maritime connectivity from OneWeb for 30 days FREE with no commitment*. For limited period only, maritime users in Europe, the Mediterranean and 50 degrees north, can sign up to our OneWeb Maritime service and get two months airtime and hardware at no cost.*​

How OneWeb's system works

How OneWeb can help

Satellite radio communications at sea

Radio at sea is essential for mariners to communicate onboard and with the shoreside. It's essential to have GMDSS compliant safety equipment on board for the safety of your crew.

Reliable, easy to use maritime VHF, MF/HF and UHF radio is available from AST Networks enables effective, quick communication anywhere in world – from the remote sea to far reaching polar oceans.

In today’s digitally-focused world, radio communication is not the only connectivity demand a vessel requires. Mariners depend on our fully managed connectivity services and solutions in order to sail safely, effectively and serve the needs of the crew.

Maritime worker on a HF/VHF radio at sea utilising satellite communications services
Handheld Radio (HF/VHF)

AST Networks provide equipment designed to improve your operational efficiency and safety via quick radio communication hardware. Marine high frequency (HF) and very high frequency (VHF) radios enable worldwide communication – the hardware enables two-way radio transceivers on ships and watercraft for voice communication in both ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore environments.

Maritime dock worker on a push to talk radio utilising satellite communications services
Push-to-talk (PTT)

PTT can be fully integrated into a range of communication systems and our innovative satellite communication solutions incorporate Wi-Fi, radio and IP to enable simple remote and global connectivity.

Iridium Extreme PTT (Push-to-Talk) integrated comms system makes the power of fast, simple and secure group communication available on the toughest, most feature-rich satellite phone on the market — all at the push of a button.

Crew member pointing towards end of ship using a radio
Safety radio

Safety radio is essential life-saving equipment that, under the safety of life at sea convention, vessels are required to have onboard.

The global maritime distress safety system (GMDSS) minimum requirement is to have at least two handheld VHF handsets and at least one VHF digital selective calling (DSC) hardware onboard in order to raise a signal. The further a vessel travels into far-reaching sea areas the more safety at sea equipment is needed.

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